Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Megan On Her New Role As A Senior Transcriptionist

Meet Megan, one of our star transcribers of Megan is a professional transcriptionist currently residing in USA. She has recently been elevated to the title of 'Senior Transcriptionist'. We asked Megan on her new responsibilities. 

Here is what Megan had to say. "Well first of all I cannot tell you how proud I feel to be assigned this new job role. I joined ATS ( Transcription Services) in December 2012. So it's been just over 2 years that I have been working here. I cannot thank you such much for giving me this opportunity."

Well Megan deserved it. Over the 2+ years working with us she showed skills and expertise of a transcriptionist with several years of expertise. Megan transcribed several hundred hours of interviews, focus group discussions, seminars, webinars, podcasts and church sermons while her stint from 2012 to 2015. Her favorite type of transcriptions are church transcription (sermons) and video transcription. 

What the new job entails for Megan? Megan as senior transcriptionist will be responsible for the managing a team of 5 to 7 transcriptionists. She will be responsible for the quality control of her team. Megan shares her plans with her teams members, "Well I first want to make this clear. I am team member first and a senior leader later. The title of Seniority is a word that gives me certain executionary powers. But as far my team is concerned I am just another valuable member of the team. I am an easy going person, an easy to approach person and a problem solver. I will be using all these skills and my past experiences to hone each member of my, individually. 

The best part about the new job is the team size. It is small and manageable. So this will give me more headroom to optimize each of my team members. The optimization will happen in areas of quality. We want our client to be happy. Our client are happy when they receive accurate transcripts. So quality will be by number 1 area of focus. 

The next areas that I am going to focus on is health at work. As you know this job involves lots of typing and sitting in front of screen. So this can develop into some serious health concerns in the future. For example, carpal tunnel and neck pain is frequent among transcribers. So to prevent this I am thinking of proposing to our company management of installing some light weight circuit trainers and cross training exercise machines. The machines are not that expensive and we have the necessary space to accommodate them." Recently we posted an article which discusses how transcribers can keep themselves healthy. The article can be read here which was posted on our blog.

Megan is also planning her next socializing trip with her team. Each of our team gets to socialize once every month. These socialization sessions happens outside of our office. Some of these events that have happened in the past are movie trips, amusement park visits, dinner buffets, opera shows etc. Our team managers have also organized several motivation speaking sessions by motivational speakers and business coaches. 

We wish Megan all the very best for her new stint as a senior transcriptionist at ATS and pray for good health for all the team here at ATS.

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Megan: "I love this quote"

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