Monday, March 30, 2015

Tips On How Transcribers Can Maintain Good Health

Professional Transcribers have sit long hours on ends on a computer while working on audio transcription projects such as podcast audio to text transcript conversion. This can lead to some serious health complications. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is one such health complication. It symptoms are pain in wrist, swelling and the inability to rotate or twist the wrist. CTS is caused by a pinching of a nerve. CTS can also in turn cause other health problems. A recent study has linked migraine and headaches to Carpal Tunnel.   

Sitting long hours on a computer can lead to a weak eyesight, pain in the lower back, spondylitis, headache and even depression.  

If you are freelancer or an IT specialist or a professional typist who has to spend a lot of time in front of the computer, then what steps can you take for a healthy body and mind? Here are some simple and easy to follow steps:

1. Neck Rotation: Rotate the neck in a clockwise direction for 7 times (2 or 3 sets at one go). Then repeat the same this time in an anti-clockwise direction. Neck rotation should be done at a comfortable pace.  Sitting on a computer can result in a stiffening the neck muscle. Neck rotation exercises results go a long way to help in relaxing the stiffness. However one needs to be consistent and should do these exercises 3-4 times a day, or, once every hour and a half while you are sitting on the computer. 

Rotate Neck in Clockwise and Anticlockwise directions

2. Wrist Rotation Exercises:  A very important exercise especially for professional transcriptionists. Here is how you do it: Lift both the arms, palms should be facing downwards. Now fold the thumb inwards and close the fingers. This will result in a fist formation. Now rotate both the fist in direction opposite to each other and do around 30 twists per set. Switch the direction and do 30 twists. One to two sets of rotations are good and should be done 4-5 times in a day. 

Wrist Rotation Clockwise, Anticlockwise, Extensions, Flexion 

3. Play with a Squeeze-Me Ball:  A squeeze ball like this one is very popular amongst Call center employees and IT professionals. Usually employees would keep a squeeze-me ball on their desktop drawer. And you can play with the ball, actually squeeze it hard while you are on a telephonic call. These squeeze balls are very cheap, safe and fun to squeeze. Some of the squeeze balls have blunted protrusions which press on nerve endings of the palm. We highly recommend all transcriptionists and IT professionals to keep a squeeze-me ball at their work place. It definitely can do wonders for your hand health.

Squeeze Ball to prevent Carpel Tunnel

4. Take a 2 minute walk every 90 minutes: We cannot emphasize the importance of this exercise. Not many people know this that sitting continuously on a chair is not good for the heart. Sitting for long allows the fatty acids to clog up the arteries. And this eventually leads to heart problems. The only way to avoid this is either by having an active lifestyle. Gymning, jogging, swimming everyday will take care of this. If you are a lazy type and for some reason cannot give yourself the joy of physical exercise then just a simple 2-3 minute walk once every hour can done. This could be made part of your hourly break regime. 

5. Stretching Exercises: Here is a list of simple stretching exercises that can be done by person of any age. 

Combination Exercises:  Rather than doing the exercises individually, you can try and do it in possible combination of 2 or 3. For example, one can take a 2 minute walk every hour and then just stretch themselves out. Another example, one can first stretch their wrists and then go in for a neck rotation exercise. Rotation of exercises is a good way to keep the flexibility of the body going. No matter what your profession is, or what your age is these exercises can be done very easily. 

Summary: Computer professionals such as transcriptionists, programmers, coders, bug testers, website designers etc. have been reporting increasing health ailments. There are many scientific studies to prove that sitting on a chair could be a direct or an indirect cause of this. We highly recommend to all computer professions in the Information Technology word to keep good care of their health and follow the above mentioned exercises on a daily basis. And your work efficiency, productivity will enhance tremendously.

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“A fit, healthy body—that is the best fashion statement”
Quote by Jess C. Scott.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

What is Book Dictation and How Audio Transcription Services can help?

Book dictation is one of the convenient sources which are used by the authors to record the content of the book directly in an audio recorder. Once the recording work is completed, the next step is to hire a transcriber to get it written in the word format. However, the author himself can get the work transcribed depending on his ease and preferences. After getting it printed in A4 sheets, the respective material in the written format is then sent to the publisher. If he feels that the content is appropriate to be published, he will certainly publish the book. In case, some irrelevant content or mistakes are found, he will ask the author to make editions as required. 

If you are looking for a transcriber service (such as ours at to accurately transcribe an audio book, you must ensure that a reliable person is hired for this crucial work. The transcription can prove to be beneficial because of the following reasons:

1. Saves Time

It becomes easier for the author to dictate the contents of the book in a hassle free manner by using a voice recorder. However, it may be possible that his writing speed may not be too good. In that case, the role of a transcriber comes into the picture. You can save your time and energy as the tedious work of transcription will be handled by the experts. To get the best results, you should hold a strong criterion for selecting an efficacious transcriber. If one is in need of a rush audio transcription service then you can hire services by Here is a recent article on the benefits of a fast transcription service. It is so because a wrong selection will ultimately affect your works and budgets, thereby creating problems while selling your books in the market.

2. Research

In the light of cross referencing, the authors can focus on a well defined research. You can further carry out online research for getting catchy book content which the readers are interested in reading. The ideas and the though process while dictating and transcribing a book become clearer and easier to convey. The paragraphs are integrated and connected by using the process of cross referencing, which helps in creating links among the subject matter of the book.

3. Helps in preparing draft version

The book dictation is made for the author’s purpose only. With its help, he can formulate a rough draft of the content which is in his mind. After getting it transcribed, you can have a clear idea regarding the additions and editions to be made in the content. This version will help you in overcoming your weaknesses in the writing style as well. You can find interesting ideas while re- reading the written content which you can add thereon.

4. Helps in proofreading

Once you have got your transcription portion done, you receive the ultimate opportunity to proof read your document. The author can modify the content or rectify some basic grammar and punctuation mistakes. In case, he is not that proficient in English language, he can enjoy the services of a reputed editor or transcriber himself. As it is about the quality concerns, even a small error should be avoided to maximize the sales of the book.

Here is a recent article that we posted on our blog telling how important it is to use correct grammar at work place

Book dictation appears to be a simple process, where the author has to just give voice to the content of the book, which he needs to be published. The more the accuracy in the book, the more will be its chances to sell like hot cakes in the market. Those days are gone when you have to write initially the content of your book on papers. In the recent times, book dictation has made it pretty easier for the people to write a book by considering the errors.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

12 Tips To Lead A Telephonic Interview Call Successfully.

Here are 12 tips to help you conduct your next telephonic interview without any glitches:

Tip # 1: Decide a time and date of telephonic interview with the participant a week in advance.
Tip # 2: Prepare a set of pre-decided interview questions. Send the list of Questions to the interviewee via email.
Tip # 3: Send a email/SMS reminder to the call participant a day before the telephonic interview.
Tip # 4: Record the telephonic conversation using a digital voice recorder.
Tip # 5: Take short notes on a piece of paper while the conversation is going on.
Tip # 6: Keep the telephonic call under an hour.
Tip # 7: Use a good quality speaker phone. It's better to put the phone on a speaker as holding the handset for a long time might hurt the arms a little bit.
Tip # 8: The telephone call should be conducted in a noise free and disturbance free room. A conference room is a good place to do this.
Tip # 9: Incase using a cell phone to connect with the speaker, then it's best to charge the phone to full before beginning the session. Note: Switching off wireless connections such as Bluetooth and Wifi will improve battery's longevity.
Tip # 10: Send the full conversation chat to the participant preferably in a typed out transcript format. One can a hire an online typing service for transcribing the telephonic interview.
Tip # 11: After a day or two send an email thanking the participant for his valuable contribution.
Tip # 12: Lastly, do not forget the share the outcome of the project with the participant when the project or research is finally complete and published. In-case the project report cannot be provided in full then a summary should be prepared providing valuable insights as to what the interviews and other the overall research process was able to achieve.

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