Monday, May 18, 2015

Press Release: to Offer Affordable Transcription Solutions in Chicago Region an online audio transcription company has recently announced their plans for opening a new office at Chicago Business district.  The NY based company will be hiring an office space suitable for a workforce of 12 to 15 transcribers. Currently the company offers general transcription and legal transcription as a part of their service portfolio. 

The plan to venture out in Chicago business space came from Melvin Wong, one of the senior typist. Melvin throws some light on the business move, “Our company primarily NY based, hence most of our customers are very localized. We are constantly striving to grow and expanding into other American states is a way that I think we could venture into. Chicago being the third populous city after NY and LA, many of our target clienteles are present in strong numbers. Currently we are looking at capturing the therapists segment as we begin to introduce our services. Later on, depending upon our foothold we will be targeting academicians and the legal segment transcription here at Chicago.”
The company hires experienced and fresh transcriptionists for their backend work. With the new office, some of the more experienced transcribers will be moving to the Chicago office in the coming few months. Also, part of the hiring will be done in Chicago for local home-based transcribers. Melissa McDonald, hiring manager says “For transcription hiring we are following a 40-60 rule where 40 percent of our transcriber will be experienced and probably will be our current  NY office. The rest 60 percent will be fresh recruits from local Chicago area. 

We are also looking at home-based transcribers as a business strategy to offset costs.  Home based transcription jobs help us to save on personnel costs, office space and it cost and travel expenses that are partly borne by the company. It also gives an opportunity to moms who possess the necessary transcription skills and experience but otherwise may not be able to take up a job due to home life commitments.”
Chicago is the city of Doctors with thousand of medical personnel, therapists, psychologists, counselors and psychiatrists. In addition to the medical sector, Chicago has a strong potential for academic transcriptions. There are more than 35 universities in Chicago. Some of the well known ones are Chicago State University, Purdue University, Loyola University, Roosevelt University and University of Illinois. Most of these universities offer PHD programs. as a part of their academic services for college and university students who require thesis and dissertation transcribing services. Prices for the same have been kept low. Melissa tells us more on the pricing front – “When it comes to students and lecturers, we tend to downshift our prices to the maximum extent possible. Our big plan is to cater to as many Chicago universities as possible. We will do so by offering services at excellent affordable rates. Students will be eligible for discount and free transcription hours as a part of our Loyalty program”
The company has begun advertising in leading newspapers and magazines for transcription job hiring and simultaneously  for a suitable real estate property. 

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