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11 Tips For A Successful Transcription Internship

Doing a summer internship at a transcription service company takes a certain focus and a keen subject interest to get the maximum learning out of it. Here are 11 tips for students including medical transcription interns.

Be Social

If you have some prior work experience in any other job then you probably know that socializing and mingling with your colleagues is a very healthy for you career. You get to know your colleagues better, where they come from, what are their interests. And most importantly you get to know what about the latest industry trends and news. If you are asked out to join your team on a dinner don’t hesitate to say yes the first couple of times atleast.

Interact with as many people in your workplace

It's best to get to know people across as many departments as possible.Being an intern has its own advantages as some people see interns as a non-threat. So people are more likely to share industry information and knowledge and their work experience.

Ask for more work

Asking for more work shows you are eager to learn, you are not afraid to work hard. This shows your attitude towards work. Also Remember, to become an novice medical transcriptionist the more practice one does, the more experience you will gain.

Don’t be afraid to approach your Seniors when required

When in doubt or facing a difficult in making a work decision then sometimes it can be a wise to ask the seniors for guidance instead of making a decision on your own. Sometimes making an autonomous decision can lead to wrong actions. So approach a senior when in doubt.

Understand Company's Guideline and Policies

Every organization has its own style of working. This is what differentiates it from other companies. Plus, each company has its own policies and guidelines. So as an intern one should be aware of the company's rules. Interns should also be aware of company's vision, mission and vision statements. The more indepth understanding one has the easier it will be for the easier it will be to mold oneself into the company's work culture.

Be Flexible

A transcription firm might need ask you to work overtime or sometimes change shifts in order to handle extra transcription orders, or to just fill in the gap for a transcriber who  has taken a day off. The interns should be flexible if asked to work overtime. Being adamant at the workplace can mean losing the letter of recommendation from the bosses.

Keep the Right Attitude

The right attitude is the most important thing for surviving an internship at any company. Be it Google, IBM, Facebook , the intern needs to have a right attitude of confidence, communication skills, socializing skills, problem handling, positivety and flexibility. Excess of everything is bad. So being if one is being overconfident or one is being over-inquisitive then this can cause a lot of friction within the team.

Be Inquisitive

Very very important. Be inquisitive. Each and every medical transcription & general transcription students interning at AllTranscript Transcription Services is encouraged to ask a question if they don't understand something. It's important to get your doubts clarified. Because when with clarity, information and knowledge comes confidence to perform a task correctly.

Observe and Adapt

This is especially important for first time interns. The first couple of weeks observe as many things about your workplace as possible. Observe how the team dynamics within the company, observe how people interact within the organization, how the organization hierarchy works, what is the company's perception etc. The more you observe more quickly one will adapt to the job environment. Important: Do not skip the first day at job which is usually when the job orientation class is held. Many important things are discussed at the orientation class so pay close attention to it.

Business Networking

Knowing as many people as possible can sky rocket a career and open many paths for those looking for a solid career. For successful internship at a transcription company or in any organization for that matter, interact with as many people as possible. Give your business card to the people whom you network with. And don’t forget to take their contact information such as telephone number and email address. You never know when you might be needing someone in the future.

Ask for feedback

When attending a career fair companies might ask you for a letter of recommendation. So when the internship gets over ask for a letter of recommendation from your bosses. Besides this, ask them how did you perform. Also at this stage don’t hesitate to ask management for a full time job at the firm once you complete the graduation course.

Write an email thanking everyone

The last thing. Be grateful to the wonderful opportunity given intern with the company. Show you gratitude for the same. And send a thank you email to your immediate senior such as your team leader, manager etc. Usually interns write separate emails, one for the management and one for their colleagues and subordinates. A thank you shows that you are courteous and that you value the opportunity of working with the company.

About the Author: is a digital typing company which offers typing services in Singapore, Australia and New Zealand. AllTranscript hires transcription interns once a year. The internship is usually for a period of 2-3 months. Interested candidates can send in their application for internship via


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