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Transcribe Animation Videos into Readable Text. Why You Should Consider Doing It?

On New Year 2015 we posted an guide article on the importance of video logs and how transcribing videos can help you digital marketing of your site or a blog. This time we bring to you the animators professionals out there an article on improving the quality of their anim. videos through several techniques. 

When it comes to animation videos, people mostly relate them to children only. However, in reality, it is not so. Animation videos are being used in the fields of medical science, engineering, media and other financial business widely by using innovative 3D graphic presentations. 

From traditional animation to paint- on- glass animation, there is huge variety of interesting animations to choose from. In order to enjoy optimum views of your amazing video, you must ensure that its readable version is provided to the related audience which will further add to their convenience in understanding the concepts presented therein.  You should turn your videos into a meaningful transcript due to following reasons:

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Translation and Transcription

The subtitle of the animation videos should be translated into specific languages including French, Spanish and Hindi for the respective readers. This translation service will remove the barrier of having limited access to people. Along with the transcription services, if you are able to use translation services wisely, it will result in increasing the views of your video as there will be no language issues involved. However, you need to make sure that you depend on reliable transcribers who are certified and licensed from reputed agencies in providing these services.  You can go for selecting the right translator within your budget, who aims to deliver qualitative services.

Grasping Difficult Terminologies

While watching a video, there might be chances that you are not able to understand the technical jargon being used.  It involves using some words with which a layman can’t be familiar with. It mostly happens in case of medical tutoring videos. If a subtitle is provided along with the video, it will be helpful for the audience including school children, patients and professional nurses, to perceive the information in an effective manner. Some of the medical animation organizations include the names of Polygon Medical Animation (London), Trinsic Medical Animation (Northern California) and Nucleus Medical Media.

Subtitles For Kids

It is a great idea to make the children aware of what the video is trying to tell, by using transcript services in it. The animated videos are undoubtedly interesting and huge expenses are incurred in their formation. If they won’t be able to convey its message through video, they would become useless. By providing a readable text, the kids will be able to get an idea about the video and will certainly learn from it. Ultimately, they will be more involved with the video.  

Multi-Lingual Support

It may be difficult for people to understand the video if they are not well versed with the language and their respective accents, which is used in it. Providing multi-lingual support can benefit the respective users as it will establish better communication links with them. By making the video available in different languages, better ideas can be conveyed in an efficient manner. It will help the users to save their time as they won’t have to hear the content again and again, to get the clear meaning of the word being used.

Generate Content For Website Or Monthly Magazine

By using transcription services, you can publish the relevant content related to a science video in a monthly newsletter or magazine. This matter can be used precisely in the podcast section of the websites as well, which will result in drawing attention of a large number of users. Some of the reputed science magazines including National Geographic, Popular Science, Scientific American, Psychology Today and ID (Ideas and Discoveries) can be used for achieving this purpose. This move will help you in reaching large masses of audience and earning potential gains. It will be a good idea to have an access to the viewers and readers via both online and offline modes.


The transcription services are necessarily required in engineering and business organizations to put their videos to an efficacious use. Some of the companies which are involved in provision of transcription services along with the video include Intriguity Animation Studio, Studio5, Eidos Interactive and Pixar Animation Studios. American University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and University of California are some of the reputed universities in United States, which aim to provide the best education to their students. 

Along with the above mentioned needs of students, lecturers and professionals transcribing your video, you can opt for putting videos and the transcripts on your homepage regularly. Even if you want to save most of your time, you can go for transcribing videos as comparatively lesser time is involved to bring suitable modifications in the videos.

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