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Quick Guides: Univ. Transcriber Services for Professors| PhD Students


Our team at offers online transcriber services for academician, university professors, lecturers, PhD candidates and Doctoral Students and all students. All our services have been designed in a way that provides that is oriented towards a budget transcription services as the rates have been kept affordable. To know more about the list of transcriber services that we have to offer please read below:

Transcribe Thesis-Dissertation Interviews

PhD candidates and doctoral students conduct thesis/research interviews in order to gather qualitative data in support of their thesis. These recordings are then transcribed and included in the thesis paper. The interviews could run into hours. So typing all these interviews could take a very very long time. If a person's typing is not is strong point then typing all the interviews can take a lot of time. An person with an average typing speed of 50 wpm will take approximately 8 hours to transcribe 1 hour of interview. Hence typing 20 hours or more interviews will take more than 3 weeks of full time effort. So what is the solution to avoid this? The best way  and the tradition way is to hire a team of expert transcribers like us at With our team of dedicated transcribers we can undertake large transcription projects and transcribe hours of video and audio and submit it within deadlines.

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Transcribe Lectures:

Do you need your lectures transcribed? That's very easy. University lecturers, Assistant Professors and Professionals can send us their lectures. We take these lectures and type it word by word. Is the audio quality an issue? No problem, we'll take care of that for you. We process the audio, remove the background noise and process the file from thereon. We take care of typical regional accents including British accent, Scottish accents, Australian accent and regional American accents (Texas, Mexican etc.). The best thing is we don’t charge extra for difficult audio.

Transcribe Webcast:

We can transcribe webcast recordings such as Cisco's Webex, Skype calls, GoToMeeting's and LiveMeeting into perfect text documents and transcripts. Transcripts can be requested as word docs (2003/2007/2013 version), PDF files etc.  Just give us with your specifications and we will submit accurately typed audio word by word transcripts right into your inbox.

Our Services Are Compatible With: Skype conference calls, Webex Meetings, Nextiva, AT&T, GoToMeeting, Ooma, RingCentral, Grasshopper and other VoIP services.

Transcribe Podcasts:

There is some good news for Podcasters looking to transcribe their Podcasts. At we offer Podcast transcription at cheap and affordable rates. The advantage is podcasters save dollar money very quickly.  The process of transcribing podcast is simple: You just provide us with the link to your daily/weekly podcast. We'll download the podcast and transcribe it for you.

Types of Podcasts That Can Be Transcribed:

1. Video Logs
2. Weekly Podcasts/Daily Podcasts
3. Tech Podcast
4. Business Coaching Podcast
5. Health Fitness Podcast

Suggested Reading: If you are a doctoral student planning and are yet to start writing a thesis paper, here is a short guide on how to write a thesis statement by Uni of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

Do's and Dont's of writing a thesis available at Easter Illinois University's website.  

Online Transcriber Services

Video Seminar Transcription:

We can also handle typically difficult transcription such a focus group transcriptions. Focus groups transcriptions have multiple participants. Hence it make this type of transcription a bit challenging as each individual participant needs to be marked and identified correctly. During the typing process, the typist only hears the audio part. So he or she has to identify each person's each. This can be difficult when people are cross talking or when the speakers voice is so similar that it becomes hard to differentiate one from the other. At we take special care to handle of this where meticulous efforts is taken to correctly identify each individual speaker.

Transcribe Audio Interviews:

Our team transcribers can transcribe all type of English language interviews. This includes one-to-one personal interviews or interviews with multiple participants. Getting thesis research interviews typed into a word doc is what we can help you with because that is our job! We have been into transcription services for several years now. With's experience in interview transcription service we have been extending our services to university researchers from all background transcribe research material recordings into text. 

Other Services Offered:

We offer document typing service and conversion into digital text. This includes letter typing and typing A4 printed sheet into digital text etc.

Outsource Typing Services Saves Time: 

Lecturers and students need can simply avoid spending hours of typing and transcribing by outsourcing transcription services. Outsourcing saves typing time, the amount of efforts that goes into transcribing recorded tapes and digital media. The time is saved in proofreading the documents as the documents come proofread as part of the package.

Affordable Pricing:

Transcriber service rates have been kept affordable keeping in mind the budgets of academicians, students, research and Doctoral candidates. Rates for a 3 day turnaround is at $1.10/minute of audio. For faster and quicker TATs of 24 hours the TAT stands at $1.75/minute of audio. We also offer discounts to clients who need large hours of audio/video transcribed.

Types of Transcription TAT:

  1. Super Rush TAT (12 hours)
  2. Rush TAT (24 hours)
  3. Second day TAT (within 48 hours)
  4. Third day delivery

Customizations At No Added Cost:

Customers can choose from multiple customization options. These include word doc specifications such as font styles, margins, Para styling, Para spacing etc.  Also, we provide the final transcripts into any requested format such as a PDF and MS Word.


University professors and PhD students looking to transcribe audio recordings and tapes can get in touch with us at We can also be contact on Twitter @Alltranscript. Thanks!

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