Thursday, January 8, 2015

Should You Outsource? Handing Over Transcription Projects to The Professionals


Transcription is a process where audio and video files are converted into a written word format by the professionals to maintain proper records. We at Transcription Services have been doing transcribing digital files for clients for years. Without a doubt these services need to be carried out in an effective manner to make customers satisfied and make sure their hard earned money is well spent.

In the recent times outsourcing transcription services has become quite popular. It is so because everybody wants to work on its core competencies to take their business to a higher level. The organizations have started identifying various specialized sources in this field. After identifying, evaluating and analyzing the pros and cons of the services delivered by them. You can enjoy receiving outsourced transcription services because of following reasons:

Is Transcription Your Core Area of Strength?

Transcribing audio and video files is a complicated process for the persons who don’t possess relevant experience in this field. Once you have identified a reliable source for getting your work done, it is more convenient to hire them for transcription services. As a result, you may feel free to concentrate on the critical areas which can prove to be advantageous for your business. This will enable you to make optimum utilization of time and efforts involved.

What Transcription Services Can Be Outsourced?

1. Legal Transcription Services
2. General Transcription (including Video and Audio Transcription)
3. Medical Transcription
4. Financial Transcription 

Things You Should Definitely Hire A Professional Transcriber For:
For transcribing interview conversations
For transcribing telephonic conversations
For transcribing webinars, conference calls and Digital calls.
For transcribing Podcasts.Note: Transcribing podcasts can helps a lot in SEO. Click here to know more about this.
And for transcribing Videos!

Cut Down Cost equals Big Savings

When you are getting transcription services done from an employee within your organization, you will be required to spend huge amounts for conducting interviews and selecting the right candidate. Once he is selected, you will have to bear training and recruitment costs along with his salary expenses. In contrast, when your transcription services are being outsourced, you will be only asked for the amount of the money for receiving those services. You will save on recruitment and training costs. In addition, you will be sure that your work is getting done accurately by the selected clients.

Transcription companies including us ( charge on a per minute of audio or video basis.  Take for example:  You just recorded a 60 minute of an interview and you want to have this transcribed into a word document with a 3 day turnaround. For a 3 day turnaround charges $1.10/minute of audio. So the total cost will be $1.10 x 60 = $66. Companies may have extra charges for taxes , so it is wise to receive a transcription quote and confirming the same beforehand.

Handle Big Requirements

When you are getting your transcription services done from the international clients, it ultimately increases your opportunities of getting bigger projects. Your work keeps on continuing smoothly as you know that the outsourced expertise is performing its job well. If more projects will be handled by them, it will help you in maintaining more cordial and professional relationships with them. The handling of more regular projects will develop a sense of loyalty towards your work and organization.

Save On Office Space!

As there is no necessity of carrying out transcription services in your own organization, you will be saved from investing some significant amount of money in infrastructure. No need to buy deskspace from Ikea or go shopping to Walmart to buy furniture. In addition, the collaboration with the international organizations will enable you to save on technology. That is because you don't need to invest in expensive transcription softwares. Instead, you will get a chance to keep yourself updated with the latest techniques and innovations without incurring any costs. The amount which is not spent on infrastructure and technology can be used in some other lucrative and productive organizational activities.

How you save on Office Space?
No need to allocate an extra desk place for a full time transcriber.
Lesser number of hardware requirement in terms of computers and internet usage
Eliminate the need for investing in transcription software's.

Getting Business Risks under Control

Every business involves risks which can’t be predicted. As you have employed almost no professionals for transcription services in your office, you will be saved from incurring additional expenses and liabilities. Liability is something which an individual needs to pay to another party within a specified period of time. Lesser the liabilities, lesser will be the costs involved. Investing in outsourcing transcription services can appear to be a mere asset for you and your organization. This will ultimately help in reducing the unwanted risks for your company. It is rightly said that the more the risks, the more will be the profits. But it doesn’t mean that you need to invest your energies in almost every risky situation. Along with risk management, the expertise is able to handle your projects efficiently.


Outsourcing Transcription offers the above mentioned advantages indeed, but you need to be sure about the quality of the services being delivered by them. You must be able to strike a fair price contract with them for working in the long- run. The financial soundness of an organization is one of the important factors on which you can examine one’s reliability. You must be aware of their past experience to make sure that no fraudulent acts have been performed by them.

The job of a transcriptionist is tedious as he has to first listen to the recording attentively, has to understand what people are talking about and has to transcribe them with 100% accuracy in the written format. If somebody is putting huge efforts in his work, a positive motivation in the form of incentives and handsome salary can be provided to the one who deserves it.

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