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Why you need a Fast Turnaround in Typing Service?


Interview Transcription is a process of converting a spoken audio or an interview session (live or recorded) into a written or electronic text document. The most common type involves conversion of spoken language source into a text. It is done and required in all the fields these days, be it legal, business or medical. Audio transcription service is of great use in court cases as a proof. It is one of the fastest growing legitimate jobs these days. Before the introduction of tape cassettes and mails it was a tough job but is much easier now a days. Whether you are in journalism field or a member of corporate workforce this important service can act as an extremely valuable tool.

Interview transcription has various types of turnarounds associated with it:

1. Regular Turnaround

First is regular turnaround, which means delivering transcript in 3 days. This type of typing service is the  cheapest and affordable one and is best suited for university professors and PhD research students. 

2. Second Day Turnaround

Next is second day turnaround, which means the transcript will be delivered in 48 hours. This is somewhat expensive, but suited to private investigators and business meetings. 

3. Rush Turnaround Transcription

Rush Turnaround transcription service which means delivery in 24 hours. This is very expensive one but suited for those in urgent need like journalists, news channels, media production companies, court meetings, lawyers etc.

Fast delivery of transcription has many benefits associated with it. Business meetings, interviews and professional recordings may have certain confidential and sensitive data so security concerns are must. The longer it is in the hands of transcriber, more is the risk.

Why Transcribe Audio? | Medical Research Transcription Service

Research companies in all different sectors including financial, medical, market research and education companies, often conduct transcription of their interviews. Interview transcription is important while carrying out research because data in the form of text is much easier to understand than that in audio or video format. Research companies and even individuals carrying out research will be able to quickly allocate crucial sections of their interviews by using an easy “find” function in their word processing software rather than having to sift through hours of audio and as we all know, the research industry moves pretty fast. Especially, when carrying out medical and financial research, the early bird catches the worm, and typing services can really speed up the process of getting your research to print.

University Transcriber Services | Why Transcribe Audio?

Students and journalists are perhaps the most common clients in the field of interview transcription for reference. If you have conducted numerous interviews and are looking to easily search and pull up the necessary quotes you need for you writing, a typing service company can transcribe your interviews for you and save you a lot of time and hassle.

Legal Court Transcription Services

Whether you are a lawyer or work as an officer of law, legal court transcription services can play a vital role in the court room. Having a manuscript for a legal interview or witness statement can be very useful in this environment. If either of these pieces of information becomes evidence in a case, you will like to have an interview transcription available. This makes it easier for all parties involved in the case to stay on the same page, allowing for a well informed decision to be made. When something as minor as one word can dictate the sentencing of entire case, it is crucial that an interview transcription is 100% accurate.

Why Transcribe Audio? | General Transcription Services

Marketers, medical professionals and educators can all agree that having written results is one of the easiest ways to analyze and review data. While recorded interviews can also act as an indispensable tool, an interview transcription is sometimes the best way to work with data. When you work in a large company it is impossible to get all the employees at same place at the same time. Interview transcription enables staff members who were not able to attend the meeting to review whatever was said in the meeting. Also, it is helpful for later days when you wish to review notes.

Why Transcribe Audio? | Digital Media Transcription

Often, media outlets use interview transcriber services to create subtitles or closed captioning for television and video purposes. It also helps transcribe an interview that is to be released “as is” to the public or other media sources. Interview transcription also plays a vital role in accurate reporting. Misquoting an interview can result in serious consequences for journalist. Interview transcription is a quick and effective way to ensure that facts and quotes are accurate.

Transcripts for the Hearing Impaired

A written transcript is crucial to analyze key topics discussed in an interview. People with hearing imparity or deafness can also have access to interview proceedings with accurately prepared interview transcripts. Transcription is a powerful act of representation. This representation can affect how data are conceptualized. Instead of being viewed as behind-the-scenes task, transcription process should be incorporated more intimately into qualitative research designs and methodologies. Periods of reflection at crucial design and implementation points may provide a valuable exercise in honoring both the research process and participant’s voice.

Transcription security is must. Companies should therefore follow various laws and industry best practice, especially so when serving law firms, government agencies or courts. There shall be secure environment for data and appropriate methods of disposal of all material and deletion of files.

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