Sunday, March 22, 2015

12 Tips To Lead A Telephonic Interview Call Successfully.

Here are 12 tips to help you conduct your next telephonic interview without any glitches:

Tip # 1: Decide a time and date of telephonic interview with the participant a week in advance.
Tip # 2: Prepare a set of pre-decided interview questions. Send the list of Questions to the interviewee via email.
Tip # 3: Send a email/SMS reminder to the call participant a day before the telephonic interview.
Tip # 4: Record the telephonic conversation using a digital voice recorder.
Tip # 5: Take short notes on a piece of paper while the conversation is going on.
Tip # 6: Keep the telephonic call under an hour.
Tip # 7: Use a good quality speaker phone. It's better to put the phone on a speaker as holding the handset for a long time might hurt the arms a little bit.
Tip # 8: The telephone call should be conducted in a noise free and disturbance free room. A conference room is a good place to do this.
Tip # 9: Incase using a cell phone to connect with the speaker, then it's best to charge the phone to full before beginning the session. Note: Switching off wireless connections such as Bluetooth and Wifi will improve battery's longevity.
Tip # 10: Send the full conversation chat to the participant preferably in a typed out transcript format. One can a hire an online typing service for transcribing the telephonic interview.
Tip # 11: After a day or two send an email thanking the participant for his valuable contribution.
Tip # 12: Lastly, do not forget the share the outcome of the project with the participant when the project or research is finally complete and published. In-case the project report cannot be provided in full then a summary should be prepared providing valuable insights as to what the interviews and other the overall research process was able to achieve.

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