Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Accuracy: An Important Facet Of Podcast Transcription

What is Podcast transcription? The word transcription means to convert spoken audio, video into words onto a piece of paper, of, if transcription is done digitally then the converted text is put in a word doc. Podcast transcription is the process of converting spoken audio in a podcast to text.
A podcast is a streaming audio on the internet and is usually posted online at regular intervals of time. Podcast is a piece of audio that subscribers have to listen to. The listening process is a better experience. However there is a disadvantage that listener would need to listen to full episode even if they are short of time. There is a way to speed up the listening experience. It call Podcast Transcription.  

One can go through the podcast quickly by the method of podcast transcription. A podcast transcription service will transcribe a podcast into text. Now this text can be placed on the page where you intend to upload the episode. So your subscribers to the website or your blog can just read the transcribed text much faster. Those who intend to listen to the podcast can listen via the streaming audio. 

Typing an audio to text seems easy. But is it?:  Accuracy of the podcast transcript is a vital element of the transcription process. One can think of transcription as typing the speech into text. This is correct. And it sounds rudimentary. However the process is a difficult one. For example, sometime back we were talking to one of our clients Emily Woods who is a college student in a Canadian University. She had recorded a focus group discuss which was to be transcribed. The length of the focus group discussion was 45 minutes. It was to be transcribed and submitted the next day to the lecturer. So she sat down and started to type the audio. 

She estimated that she would be able to transcribe the 45 minute focus group discussion in 45 minutes. Maximum 60 minutes. However to her surprise 45 minutes had gone by and she on the 7 minute mark. At this speed of typing it would take her 5 hours more to complete the given job. And breaks were extra. 

Worried by this, she started searching for a transcription company online and she found our website. We then collaborated on Cisco's WebEx platform. She then sent us the focus group discussion for transcription which we were able to transcribe within 5 hours. Typing services at first sounds easy. But it is like a mirage. It takes constant efforts and hours of input just to transcribe 1 hour of spoken speech. 

Accuracy, Most Critical Aspect Of Podcast Conversion To Text: Accuracy in technical jargon is defined as as ratio of A) Number of incorrect words typed and B) Total number of words in an error-free transcript. An accuracy of 98.50 percent plus is acceptable. Though companies can easily offer accuracies of 99.25 percent and more. 

Tips To Achieve 99.50+ Percent Accuracy In A Podcast Transcript:
Tip#1: Hire a transcriptionist who is conversant with the accent. For example a transcriptionist for Britain will be suitable for transcribing speech which have a Scottish accent. An Canadian or an American transcriptionist will find it difficult to execute the same job. So before outsourcing services to a country such as India or Philippines could should be done with caution.
Tip# 2: For best accuracy do a verbatim transcription.
Tip# 3: Slow the audio to 95 percent of original before working on the file.
Tip# 4: Technical words, commonly used jargons can be made aware of by prior research.
Uploading an transcript with several errors can lead to a bad impression. So always intend on uploading correct, accurately typed podcast transcripts on to your website. 

Author Of The Article: The article was posted by has been providing accurate Podcast transcription services for several years now. Podcast transcription is done by a team of skilled transcriptionists who deliver accurately typed work 99.50 percent accuracy. Transcription Rates have been kept economical and affordable so that everyone is able to use our services.

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