Saturday, May 2, 2015

21 Tips To Improve Typing Skills & Speed

#1. Play typing games on the web: Typing games such as this one can be played for free on the web. The typing games are not only addictive but also significantly improve your typing skills and speed. 

#2. Learn the correct positions of the fingers on a keyboard. The fingers of the left hand should be places on the keys A, S, D, F while the fingers of the right hand should be placed on J, K, L and the ; (Semicolon) key. Your thumbs should be slightly in air or nearer to the spacebar key. 

#3. Make yourself comfortable with the number pad and the special characters: This comes with practice. The more practice you do the more familiar one will become with special characters on the keyboard.

#4. Try not to look down when typing. 

#5. Learn to ultimately do typing without doing thinking. Typing should be done subconsciously. 

#6.  Avoid the Caps Lock Mistake. Everyone does this once in a while. The Caps Lock mistake usually results in something which lOOKS lIKE tHIS. If you follow point #4then you can definitely avoid this. 

#7. If you are serious about typing then join a transcription college. 

#8. Focus on speed when writing emails. 

#9. Hard Strength Training: Transcribe a 1 hour audio recording from any recorded speech (lecture, seminar, conference call etc).  

#10. Sit in correct position. Hands and forearms should be parallel to the keyboard surface. Spine should be erect. Neck should be straight and erect as well.

#11. Don’t put the keyboard or your laptop on an incline. 

#12. Try not to lift fingers too much when typing. 

#13. There should be minimum movement of fingers between each key. Take the shortest possible path for fastest typing.

#14. Identify on which words you are making mistakes. Repeat type the same word several times.

#15. Live Transcription: Ask your friend to say something and transcribe what they are saying live without taking a pause. This is also known as Live Transcription.

#16. Make yourself aware of the most frequently used shortcuts. For example, shift key+ number keys for typing special characters such as '@' or '#'.  You'll be using these special characters and a few more the most often. 

#17. Do wrist rotation exercises for a couple of minutes once every hour. This relaxes the tension in wrist and helps in preventing Carpal Tunnel.

#18. Do not type more than 1 hour continuously on the keyboard. 

#19. Take part in a typing competition with your friends. 

#20. Learn the mini dictionary. It not only increases your vocabulary but makes improves typing speed when typing  and less frequently typed difficult words with accuracy. 

#21. Lastly, remember the key to fast typing is Practice, Practice and Practice. 

About the Author:  The article is written by Transcription Services. consists of a team of professional typists whose main focus is to delivery hand typed transcripts which are accurately typed. The team regularly follows the above mention 21 points for improving honing their typing. As a result the transcribers have seen excellent results and improvements in transcribing services such as interview transcription, podcast transcription and video transcription. Customers have given excellent reviews to the transcribers work. These reviews can be read on the Reviews page. 

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