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Laziness 101: Overcoming The Fear Of Transcribing

Quote: "Hey.....Type in 'Fear of Typing"

"Why Not?"

"Because I'm afraid of the consequences"

Well there is no such thing as 'The Fear of Typing'.  There is nothing mentioned about it on WebMD, Mayo Clinic and even on Wikipedia, the internet's super giant encyclopedia. However, there is something what we call as the laziness in typing.

What is transcribing? Transcribing is the process of typing out spoken speech into text. Traditionally transcribing was done using type writers when desktop computers where affordable. A medical specialist like a doctor, pathologist, or a psychiatrist would record notes onto a cassette tape and then would send it to a a professional medical transcriber to get it transcribed. 

3 Signs That Shows You Might Have A Fear Of Transcribing:
1. Your boss asks you to transcribe a business call meeting. You immediately start thinking of excuses to pass the work to a colleague.  

2. As a journalist you just conducted an interview. This interview is to be transcribed so that you can write the newspaper article. However you call up your colleague and ask them to recommend a typing service which can do this for you.

3. PhD Laziness:  A PhD candidate has recorded 10 hours of qualitative research interviews which needs to be transcribed.  The person decides to start transcribing the interviews from tomorrow onwards, and then postpones the work until day after tomorrow. Only later he realizes that the deadline to submit the PhD research paper is 1 month away. 

Overcoming the fear of transcribing:

Well, there are a lot of people who need to do it as part of their job or course requirements. One way to transcribe files is to outsource it to a transcription company. If not and you plan to transcribe the files on your own, then it is sensible to use a transcription assisting software such as one by NCH Express Scribe

Play an online typing game such as TypeRacer.

Take time to explore new typing opportunities.

Fear Files - I am recovering!

Typing may not be everyone's forte. Martha, an expert transcriber at explains how she removed the fear of typing from an early stage of her career as a transcriptionist. Martha shares her story: "Well, I was 23 when I was initiated into serious transcription work. I was studying Art in a Canberra University, Australia. And as a student we were always short on money. So I was always doing part time jobs to meet my monthly expenses. 

One day I noticed someone had put up a transcription request on the University's notice board. So I immediately contacted the person. The person was actually a PhD student and an assistant lecturer. She had 8 hours of research interviews which had to be transcribed in 3 weeks.  I asked the Asstt. Lecturer why do you want to pay me to do it when you can easily transcribe the interviews by yourself? Well what she said was quite surprising to me at that point of time. She said Martha, typing is not an easy task and I cannot do it. So it would be great if you could do it for me. 

I was surprised to hear that typing was not an easy job. I realized the truth to this statement when I started working on the assignment. And guess what? To transcribe the first 15 minutes of the interview it took me 2 hours! And I was estimating that it would take me maximum 2 hours to transcribe a 1 hour interview. Well, I was so wrong.

Yes, transcribing job is not easy. It takes persistence, serious efforts and high levels of concentration. And it may not be everyone's cup of coffee. But if you are someone who is looking to make a career out in the transcription industry or who would like to do his own transcription for recorded files, then the mantra to successful transcription is 'Persistence'. If you are adamant and persistent then there is nothing in this world that you cannot achieve. And that is so true with typing work. 

Also, my second mantra and the last one is to enjoy what you are doing. Enjoyment should come from within. It cannot be enforced. This principle hold true for any job. If you are not enjoying what you are doing then you are suffering it. And suffering is doing the worst thing possible to yourself.
So enjoy your work while you are doing it."

Well, thanks Martha for those wonderful words of inspiration. We hope people who think typing is not their forte should definitely take Martha's word as their source of inspiration.

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