Wednesday, May 6, 2015

3 Rookie Transcription Mistakes To Avoid


Here are the top 3 rookie transcription mistakes that first time transcribers tend to make:

Not Saving the MS Word Document

This is what we call as a classic typo error in the typing industry. Imagine writing an Ebook in MS Word. It's been over 2 hours since you started writing your thoughts. And all of a sudden the desktop window crashes. But there is nothing to worry about since you thought you had enabled the auto save feature in MS Word. So you restart the desktop and reopen the (un)saved document. And to your horror you find that a blank white colored page appears in the screen. You realize that the auto save feature was not enabled. 

Your Ebook writing career takes a hit the day this happens. 

So please please avoid such simple mistakes from ruining your piece of hard work. If you are someone like us who works a lot with MS Word documents then we highly recommend you to enable the Auto Save feature in MS word. Here is an excellent guide that will show you how to enable this feature.

Sending Out A Draft Version To The Client

We are a transcription service company. So we have to transcribe lots of documents, work on many many MS word files. In our work first we have to prepare a draft version of the audio transcript. Draft version is a rough version which contains errors. Think of a draft version as something which you would type out quickly and then plan to revisit it in order to proofread the document and convert it as a finished piece of work. So draft copy of a resume, a piece of blog content article and a draft copy of the email. These are all example of a draft version.

So a classic rookie error happens when you email a draft version of the email or a resume to your boss. This can lead to many unpleasant situations such as a disgruntled boss. It can hamper your job prospects once and for all. So remember to always proofread the document first and then out the document. 

Not Proofreading Documents

People who give into laziness can become a victim of this. Sending out non-proofread emails to your subscriber, uploading draft version of articles on a blog etc. can take you career to an all time low. For example of you look at this page which shows the viral replies that went wrong proves the point.


Our list of suggestions to first time transcribers:

  • Always proofread documents and draft text
  • Enable the Auto-save feature in MS Word
  • Enable the Track Changes button in MS Word
  • Adopt a Multi-stage proofreading concept for highly accurate work
  • Hire a proofreader if you are too lazy to proofread an article by yourself
  • University students writing academic research papers should outsource to a proofing service company.
  • There is no such thing as proofing automation
  • If you don’t want to be given the Rookie of the Year 2015 Award then we highly suggest you to work on your grammar abilities as a professional transcriber. 
  • Here is a short and simple guide to improve your typing skills quickly. 

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